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Appointment Scheduling

At the heart of every well-run medical practice is an efficient and user-friendly scheduling system. NextGen's Enterprise Appointment Scheduling (EAS) is designed to ensure you don't miss a beat.

The EAS module includes an array of features that will keep your office running smoothly, increase practice productivity and provide optimum patient satisfaction. A powerful tool regarded as the best-in-class by the industry, NextGen's EAS allows you to customize your own scheduling parameters and provides ìsearch aheadî features for you to quickly find available appointment times. Users can view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules and can access multi-view screens to see a clinic-wide schedule.

The EAS module also notifies you about the patient's account status and prompts staff members about managed care requirements when scheduling data is entered. In addition, the EAS module integrates seamlessly with the NextGen Enterprise Patient Index, affording you immediate access to appointment histories (including confirmations, no-shows and recurring encounters) and NextGen WorkLog Manager, to ensure that tasks and activities related to the schedule are accomplished in a timely and appropriate manner.

NextGen EAS features include:

  • User-defined scheduling templates with adjustable time increments and unlimited controlled over bookings
  • Support for sequential scheduling with configurable wait times
  • Conflict checking and the ability to search ahead
  • Mail merge appointment reminders
  • Referral tracking
  • Notification of account status and managed care requirements at the time of scheduling