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Because of You

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Because Of You

At Mount Carmel, we’re dedicated to providing the best in patient-centered care. It’s a commitment we’ve made to our patients and the communities we serve. Your health and well-being will always be at the center of everything we do. You are the reason why we assemble the best medical teams and invest in the best equipment. And why we do everything, at all times to deliver the care that’s best for your unique situation and your personal needs. So you can get better. So you can live, work, play, love. Mount Carmel. Because of you.


Patient-Centered Care Stories

  • A patient’s wife had fallen on her hip (which she’d had replaced 10 years ago) in the Mount Carmel New Albany parking lot while bringing her husband in for surgery. After her husband had gone in, the wife realized she was in pain and the staff brought her ice, a recliner for comfort and a walker that had been intended for her husband. After failed attempts to get the woman to seek medical help, the staff called Crystal Strader, the System Director of Patient Safety and Risk Management at Mount Carmel.

    Crystal drove from her office on East Broad up to New Albany. Once there, she learned the couple was from Sandusky and had no one in the area to help them. Crystal eventually persuaded the woman she needed to go to the ER, but knew that the woman would not go in a squad and didn’t feel comfortable putting her in a cab in a strange city, so Crystal drove her to Mount Carmel St. Ann’s herself. (As a risk manager, Crystal will be the first to note that she probably shouldn’t have done this, but as a person, it was the right thing to do!)

    While waiting for the woman to be evaluated, Crystal called and arranged for a home care nurse, knowing the wife would be unable to fully care for her husband. After a 3.5 hour ER trip (that resulted in the woman having just some bruising, swelling and pain – no breaks or fractures), Crystal drove the woman back to New Albany, but not before stopping to get the her prescriptions filled and buy her some dinner and a cane. Crystal then helped the woman find her husband’s room and finally left for home around 8pm.

    When asked why she did all that she did to help the woman out, Crystal exclaimed, “I just did what I would want someone to do for my mom.”

  • Because of You at Mount Carmel

    “Because Every Child Needs A Christmas.”

    Saddened at the thought of a child going without a visit from Santa, Sarah sprang into action.

    She went to her car and gathered some toys that belonged to her daughter, as well as a new doll meant to be a present for her niece. She surprised her patient with the gifts and told her Santa had visited the hospital early this year.

    Thank you, Sarah, for going out of your way to brighten a patient’s holiday, for truly putting our patients at the center of everything you do.

  • “Because you needed a voice.”

    Mother/Infant Nurse Natalie Johnson recently detected a heart murmur in a newborn. And while standard practice is to wait at least 24 hours before performing a cardiac screen, she was concerned enough with the baby’s color to perform a pulse oxygen screening. When the reading was abnormally low, Natalie urged the baby’s pediatrician to have the infant evaluated by a Neonatologist. The Neonatologist agreed with Natalie’s assessment, and this prompted an immediate transfer to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where they found a blockage in the baby’s pulmonary artery. Thank you, Natalie. Because of your instincts, determination and fast action, that baby is alive today.

  • “Because you can’t plan for an emergency.”

    Mount Carmel Medical Group physician, Dr. Jean McKee, was driving home one day when the car in front of her suddenly veered off the road and plunged into a ditch. She immediately pulled over, called 911 and rushed down the embankment to help. The elderly driver was unresponsive, but Dr. McKee and another bystander were able to get him out of the car. She immediately started chest compressions and continued until an ambulance arrived. Despite the compressions and several shocks from the squad, however, the man did not respond, leaving those at the scene to fear the worst. It wasn’t until Dr. McKee got a thank you call the next day from the gentleman’s wife that she learned the compressions had, in fact, saved him. He was miraculously alive and recovering nicely. Thanks, Dr. McKee, for reminding us that patient-centered care doesn’t always happen in the office.

  • “Because you needed to know.” (7/9)

    When meeting a recent patient that was hard-of-hearing and did not know sign language, Bariatric Dietitian Andrea Mattison knew that it was going to be a challenge to effectively communicate given these obstacles. Despite the patient feeling her daughter could be used as a translator, Andrea knew it was her responsibility to make sure this patient understood her pre-surgery instructions as it was imperative to her health and long term success. Andrea recorded her two-hour basic nutrition class on video so the patient could watch it at home at the proper volume. Andrea also provided all of her educational handouts in advance of each meeting and went over them in detail so she could be confident the patient understood. She even worked with other staff throughout Mount Carmel West before the patient’s surgery to make sure she was assigned to specific associates who understood her needs and spoke loudly, clearly and slowly. It’s a textbook case of putting patients at the center of everything we do. Thanks for the lesson, Andrea.

  • “Because you needed breakfast.” (6/19)

    When people have a family member in the intensive care unit, it’s common for them to stay the night at the hospital. Two such family members stayed the night with a loved one on the unit at Mount Carmel West recently. When they realized how long it had been since they’d eaten, they went to the cafeteria for breakfast only to realize when they got to the front of the line that they didn’t have enough money to pay for their food. When cashier, Marie Lovejoy, realized their dilemma, she told them not to worry and reached into her own pocket for the difference.

    It’s the kind of compassion our associates demonstrate every day. It shows that every person at Mount Carmel has a hand in providing patient-centered care. Thanks, Marie, for your generosity.

  • “Because you were lost.” (6/13)

    While preparing to go home after a 12-hour shift, Mount Carmel East Mother Infant Care Managers Tammy Aubel and Deb Reed came upon an elderly gentlemen needing help finding his wife. Deb and Tammy soon found out that his wife was not a patient at Mount Carmel East but was actually a patient at Mount Carmel West.

    When the driving directions became too confusing for the 85-year-old, they decided to lead him there themselves. After arriving, they learned he was diabetic and hadn’t eaten. They found a wheelchair, escorted him to his wife’s room and got him a sandwich. They also updated his wife’s nurse about his situation and stopped at the security desk to let them know where his truck was parked before making the drive back to Mount Carmel East and finally home.

    Meeting the needs of not only our patients but also their families is what we do. Thank you, Tammy and Deb, for showing the way.

  • “Because you needed someone.” (6/5)

    When a female patient came in to outpatient registration last year worried and frightened, registrar Cathy Klingerman knew this patient needed help. When Cathy glanced down at the diagnosis, she knew why: breast cancer. With her husband unable to get off work and her son running late, the patient was facing her partial mastectomy alone. Cathy took it upon herself to be the patient’s family.

    After registration was complete, Cathy took the patient by the hand and walked her down to the surgery waiting area. After finding the patient a seat, she walked across the hall to the gift shop to find something pink – the rallying color for breast cancer patients and survivors. Sitting on the shelf was a white teddy bear with a bright pink bow around its neck. She purchased the bear and brought it to the patient.

    “This is not the same as your son being here,” Cathy said, “but hold him. He will be there for you today.”

    Addressing each patient’s unique needs is something our associates do in big and little ways every single day. Thanks, Cathy, for being the “someone” this patient needed.

  • “Because you needed shoes.” (5/28)

    Our emergency department patients come from all walks of life. One such patient entered the ED at Mount Carmel West this winter suffering from frostbite. While receiving treatment, one of our nurses, Donna, noticed he was barefoot.

    Donna felt compelled to do something to help immediately. She called her husband, who drove to a nearby Meijer and bought a pair of shoes for the patient. Thanks to Donna’s kindheartedness and her husband’s action, the patient had a new pair of shoes and a greatly reduced chance of another bout with frostbite when he returned to his homeless camp.

    Thanks for going the extra mile, Donna, and for demonstrating what compassionate, patient-centered care at Mount Carmel is all about.

  • “Because of you, I go above and beyond.” (5/20)

    Providing patient-centered care goes beyond traditional measures at times, and Lt. Will Molton, Safety and Security officer at Mount Carmel West, knew how to find the missing piece to make a patient feel more at home.

    Lt. Molton noticed that a 20-year-old autistic patient had been spending much of his time working on puzzles while receiving treatment. Because the patient quickly went through the stash at Mount Carmel West, Lt. Molton couldn’t find anything that the patient hadn’t used yet.

    After his shift ended, Lt. Molton visited a local convenience store and picked up some additional puzzles and books for the patient to play with while he waited.

    This compassionate gesture made the patient feel more at home and at ease during a vulnerable time.

    Thank you, Lt. Molton, for going above and beyond. Because of you, this man received our special kind of patient-centered care.

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