Mount Carmel Celebrates One Year Implementation of EHR System


Mount Carmel Celebrates One Year Implementation of EHR System
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Columbus – One year after implementing a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system, Mount Carmel Health System is celebrating the successful adoption of cutting-edge technology and the benefits it has brought to patient care.

“Now you can see the patient’s charts from anywhere. Previously, you had to find the paper chart if you wanted complete information on a patient,” said Thomas Bronken, MD, Mount Carmel’s chief medical information officer.

Mount Carmel spent two years preparing for the change.

“These efforts have transformed patient care, and have put us on the road to improved quality and safety,” said Richard Streck, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Operations Officer.

Following the successful implementation across Mount Carmel’s four hospitals and Diley Ridge Medical Center* on April 26, 2012, less than approximately 10 percent of health systems across the country have achieved this level of system-wide EHR integration.

*Diley Ridge Medical Center is an affiliation of Mount Carmel Health System and Fairfield Medical Center.