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Business First recognizes Mount Carmel ‘Health Care Heroes’
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Mount Carmel was well represented at the Columbus Business First Health Care Heroes Awards. The awards recognize those who have made a positive impact on the central Ohio community through health care. Mount Carmel earned recognition in three of the five categories and had six total finalists.

Janet Meeks, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, is the 2013 Honoree in the Manager category, which recognizes administrative excellence in health care. Janet was recognized for her commitment to patients and leadership of the employees at St. Ann’s.

“Janet’s passion for our mission as well as her dedication to the associates of St. Ann’s have made a tremendously positive impact in the health and wellness of those we serve,” said Claus von Zychlin, President and Chief Executive Officer

The Mount Carmel Outreach Mobile Coach Partnership with Southeast, Inc., won in the Care for the Underserved category, which honors a person or organization for developing a program that provides access to health care in an underserved population. This partnership builds on Mount Carmel Outreach’s onsite urgent medical care by collaborating with Southeast, Inc. to provide access to behavioral health care.

“This partnership has helped bring mental health services to an underserved population,” said Sr. Barbara Hahl, Senior Vice President, System Mission.

Thomas Salamon, MD, received an Honorable Mention Award in the Provider category, which recognizes a healthcare practitioner for exemplary performance in his/her field. As the Medical Director of the Mount Carmel East Heart Center, Dr. Salamon was instrumental in bringing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) to Mount Carmel. In addition to helping bring this important procedure to our patients, Dr. Salamon helps lead the large team that performs this complex surgery.

“Dr. Salamon’s work and skills are helping raise the bar for patient care at Mount Carmel and in central Ohio,” said Richard Streck, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Operations Manager.

Mount Carmel would also like to congratulate our additional finalists. In the Care for the Underserved Category, Mark Segal, MD, at The Mark H. Zangmeister Center was recognized for his work with the Oncology Clinic at Mount Carmel West. The Mount Carmel Crime and Trauma Assistance Program (CTAP) was also recognized in this category. Sean McKibben, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mount Carmel West, was a finalist in the Manager category.

The Awards were presented July 11 during a ceremony at the Hyatt Regency.