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Mount Carmel Surgeon First in the Country to Use New Shoulder Replacement More Customized Approach to Procedure
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Columbus – A new procedure at Mount Carmel Health System is providing more options for patients who need shoulder surgery.

Orthopedic Surgeon Jason M. Hurst, MD, of Mount Carmel became the first surgeon in the United States to use the Biomet Signature™ Patient Specific technology for a shoulder replacement. This innovative system will provide more options for the patient who needs shoulder surgery and more precise positioning of the replacement.

“We have had this type of technology for knee replacements for a few years and I am excited to finally have this option for our total shoulder replacement patients”, said Dr. Hurst. “This will allow us to be much more precise in every total shoulder surgery not just complicated ones.

As opposed to other conventional techniques, this new custom system is matched specifically to each patient’s unique anatomy. A CAT scan is taken before surgery and special guides are then created using a precise 3D printer. These custom guides are then sterilized and used during the surgery to put the replacement in a more accurate position.

“Shoulder replacements face different challenges because of the differences between patients’ anatomy, the complexity of the surgery, and the greater recovery time a patient undergoes,” said Dr. Hurst. “The hope is that by improving the positioning we can prolong the life of devices and shorten the recovery period for our patients.”

Biomet Signature® Patient-Specific Glenoid instrumentation began clinical use in the US in August of this year. It has been in use in Europe since February of 2013.