Mount Carmel Joins 70 Hospitals Nationwide to Perform Free Surgeries

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Mount Carmel Joins 70 Hospitals Nationwide to Perform Free Surgeries
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Reunion Even Brings Together Past Recipients of Life Changing Procedures

Columbus – The true impact of Mount Carmel Health System’s participation in Operation Walk is best measured by the lives that have been forever improved by the free hip and knee replacements offered by the program.

“It has only been a year since the surgery, but I am walking pain free,” said Douglas McDaniel, a patient of Operation Walk in 2012 “I was nearly in tears from the pain I was suffering from before. I can do things I simply was unable to do before.”

“Since I had my right knee done in 2012 the pain is gone in both knees. We anticipated that I would need my left knee repaired, but now I will not have to have surgery on the left knee,” said Martha Collins, a patient of Operation Walk. “I’m so glad I did it and I appreciate the program. Since the surgery I have lost 30 pounds.”

McDaniel and Collins are two of the 53 surgeries performed by Adolph V Lombardi, Jr., MD, FACS, and Keith Berend, MD, of Joint Implant Surgeons at Mount Carmel New Albany during the three years of Operation Walk USA. The physicians performed eight of those surgeries on December 6.

That same day a special luncheon was also held to reunite previous patients involved with the program.

While more than one million hip and knee replacements are performed in the U.S. each year, countless men and women continue to live with severe arthritic pain and immobility because they cannot afford joint replacement surgery.

Currently in its third year, Operation Walk USA provides all aspect of knee and hip replacement treatment – surgery, hospitalization, pre- and post- operative care – at no cost to patients who may not qualify for government assistance, have insurance or afford surgery on their own.

“It’s great to see our patients who have returned and to hear their stories,” said Dr. Lombardi, president of Operation Walk USA. “It’s wonder to have the opportunity to give many of these patients a new lease on life.”

Operation Walk USA is a volunteer effort on behalf of more than 120 volunteer surgeons and 70 participating hospitals in 32 states. This year, the program has been expanded from one day to the entire first week of December, to allow more hospitals, surgeons and patients to participate.

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