Statewide Latino Health Summit to Take Place at Mount Carmel West

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Statewide Latino Health Summit to Take Place at Mount Carmel West
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Columbus - Mount Carmel Health System, in partnership with the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission, will host the 2014 Latino Health Summit on Friday, August 8 2014 at Mount Carmel West in Columbus. The full-day event is geared to increase awareness about health disparities, challenges and opportunities in health care access for Hispanic Ohioans. The summit will convene state agencies, the federal government, service organizations and local and national leaders to share best practices, and to continue the dialogue on how to serve this important sector of Ohio's population.

The Latino Health Summit, now in its third year, is possible through the collaboration of many partners across Ohio, including Mount Carmel Health System, the League of United Latin American Citizens, Molina Health Care, The Center for Closing the Health Gap, the City of Columbus and the Ohio Commission on Minority Health, health leaders and advocates. These entities and many more are focused on coordinating efforts to implement effective public health policies aimed at reducing health disparities.

"It is Mount Carmel's mission to improve the health of the communities we serve," said Kelli J. Scott, Chief Diversity Officer for Mount Carmel Health System. "We welcome the opportunity to work with the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission to support the specific health needs of central Ohio's growing Latino community."

National and local experts will be leading workshops and panels focusing on health issues as they specifically impact Hispanics in Ohio, including wellness and stress relief, behavioral health, substance abuse, domestic violence and its impact on the Latino community, language, cultural competence and healthcare access, obesity and diabetes, the Affordable Care Act and other subjects.

"The Summit's Agenda was developed based on feedback received from regional focus groups and conversations hosted by the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission and local host. These meetings in Cleveland, Lorain, Toledo, Youngstown, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati provided us with critical feedback on health needs and priorities. We know everything is local and it is important for this summit to reflect the needs and wants of those working directly in Ohio's communities," said Lilleana Cavanaugh, Executive Director of the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission.

More detailed information about the summit's program, speakers and other information is available at the commission's website: