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Breast Cancer

One in every eight women has a chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. It’s the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among women. With the compassionate ambition of reducing those numbers, Mount Carmel offers a dedicated program of comprehensive care for patients with breast cancer, and complete treatment for all forms and stages of the disease.

We offer a wide range of services for breast health and breast cancer, through our comprehensive breast health program available at our Women's Health Centers. Whether you want to learn about breast self-exam techniques or you simply need your annual mammogram, the Women's Health Centers at Mount Carmel offer a single source for breast health and breast cancer detection.

If an abnormality is found, Mount Carmel offers a seamless system of care that allows us to make a diagnosis and begin appropriate treatment as early as possible. And through a team of Mount Carmel physicians, mammographers and breast health navigators, you can easily obtain comprehensive education, testing results and specialty physician referrals.

Mount Carmel offers numerous breast health resources for patients and families affected by breast cancer, including:

    • Our High Risk Breast Program, which allows you to find out if you’re at increased risk for breast cancer and helps you make informed choices about further medical management or testing.
    • Our Cancer Patient Navigator program, which helps guide newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through the care process.
    • Survivorship Programs, like our Breast Cancer Care Class, Breast Exercise, Gentle Yoga, Aquatic Exercise and more, help patients live fuller, healthier lives during and after cancer.