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Computer Resources

As technology advances, so does the way we use it at Mount Carmel to make the practice of medicine easier. We have a broad range of computer-related tools to assist you on our campuses, in your office and even at home.

Physician Helpline

Sometimes computers can be as confounding as they are indispensable. That's why Mount Carmel has a dedicated Physician Helpline for your computer-related needs. Here, respondents familiar with your systems and usage are available to assist you weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. And for the issues that just can't wait for business hours, an analyst and a technician are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Physician Helpline: 614-234-8999


Physician Portal

As a Mount Carmel physician, you can access Mount Carmel's network and clinical systems from your office or home through AccessMC. It is a gateway to everything Mount Carmel. By simply following a single, short log-in protocol, you can reach a variety of Mount Carmel applications including AccessPt, PACS and ChartMaxx.

AccessPt - Clinical Information

Accessible through AccessMC, AccessPt houses patient demographics, inpatient stay information, transcribed reports, patient lab results, radiology reports, medication profiles and more. Since AccessPt is a portal for all clinical information, you can see your patients' records as they're entered at our hospitals and many of our remote facilities.

PACS - Electronic Radiological Imaging

Mount Carmel allows you to seamlessly access digital radiology images performed at any of our hospitals and many remote facilities with the GE Centricity Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS). Images are available prior to radiologist reports and can be manipulated for zooming, density comparisons and measurement.

ChartMaxx - Paperless Office Imaging

With ChartMaxx, Mount Carmel gives you the security, accessibility and support to move toward a paperless and efficient medical records environment. ChartMaxx is an electronic patient record system that manages and streamlines the medical records process. Patient insurance cards and other records can be electronically stored and viewed as needed from multiple locations. And with ChartMaxx, you can even sign your charts electronically.

For more information about AccessMC and its applications, please call 614-234-8995.