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Diversity & Inclusion

As human beings, we're all the same. As individuals, we're different. And different is good, because differences provide us with perspective, and perspective adds depth and breadth to our lives and our work.

That's the definition of diversity. It's everything about us that's the same and everything about us that's different. And at Mount Carmel, we value perspective and appreciate the roles diversity and inclusion play in fulfilling our mission and providing excellent relationship-centered care. We are committed, through our ministry Mission, Core Values, Vision and Guiding Behaviors to building an inclusive healthcare system by:

  • Cultivating a welcoming workforce that reflects the diversity of the populations we serve;
  • Delivering patient care that is culturally competent and people-centered and;
  • Providing community programs and services that reduce health disparities and promote healthy living

That's why we are dedicated to building an inclusive culture that ensures a diverse and welcoming environment for patients, associates, physicians and suppliers.

Because at Mount Carmel, diversity is all of us, not some of us.

Program Highlights

Talent Recruitment and Engagement

Diversity Leadership Council

The purpose of the Diversity Leadership Council is to advise and mentor diversity staff, supporters and Business Resource Groups. The Diversity Leadership Council includes two senior executives and key leadership positions that work closely with the Chief Diversity Officer.

The Diversity Leadership Council hosts quarterly meetings which are open to all collagues. The upcoming meetings are:

Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups provide an opportunity:

  • To further the mission of Mount Carmel by engaging colleagues who have a passion to serve various vulnerable populations through community outreach.
  • For colleagues to engage in specific projects such as recommendations for educational activities or implementing innovative colleague and/or patient programming.
  • For our colleagues to have a safe place to grow in their professional and personal development.


For information about meeting dates, times and locations for the Veterans Business Resource Group, please contact Melissa Stacy-Cull at mstacy-cull@mchs.com or Steve Teaford at steaford@mchs.com.


For information about meeting dates, times and locations for the LGBT Business Resource Group, please contact David Bellamy-Bise at david.bellamybise@mchs.com or Carl Speckman, Jr. at cspeckman@mchs.com.

Patient Care and Customer Service

Our cultural and diversity team strives to identify and plan for special needs of patients who are vulnerable due to language barriers, cultural issues or socioeconomic stressors or frailty.