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Eligibility Requirements

Qualification for Appointment and/or Clinical Privileges

Every Applicant who applies for appointment and Privileges, or for Privileges only (e.g., temporary, locum tenens, disaster, telemedicine), must at the time of application and initial appointment/privileging and continuously thereafter, demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Medical Staff and the Board that he/she meets all of the following qualifications and any other qualifications and requirements as set forth in these Medical Staff Bylaws, the Hospital's code of regulations, or as otherwise hereinafter established by the Board. 

  1. Licensure: Have a current license to practice in Ohio.

  2. Completion of Training: Successful completion of an approved internship, residency or training program, in the specialty in which the Applicant seeks Privileges, approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the American Osteopathic Association, the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, the Council on Podiatric Medical Education of the American Podiatric Medical Association, or the American Psychological Association.  Fellowship in an institution approved for residency training shall be regarded as residency training or internship.

  3. Continuing Medical Education: Must meet the continuing medical or other professional education requirements for licensure as determined by the applicable state licensure board.

  4. Drug Enforcement Administration ("DEA"): Hold, if appropriate, a current, valid DEA registration.

  5. Malpractice Insurance: Have and maintain current, valid Professional Liability Insurance (must be rated B+ or higher, minimum 1 million / 3 million).

  6. Board Certification: Provide documentation of board certification, as applicable, is his/her primary area of practice at the Hospital by the appropriate specialty/subspecialty board of the American Board of Medical the American Board of General Dentistry, the American Board of Podiatric Surgery or the American Board of Professional Psychology, as applicable.

    • Applicants who are NOT board certified at the time of application but who have completed their residency or fellowship training within the last five (5) year(s), shall be eligible for Medical Staff appointment and/or Privileges.  In such event, in order to maintain appointment and/or Privileges, if granted, an Applicant must achieve board certification in his/her primary area of practice within five (5) years from the date of completion of his/her residency or fellowship training unless an extension is otherwise recommended by the MEC and approved by the Board based upon the Practitioner’s board certification requirements.

  7. Backup Coverage: As a precondition to the exercise of Privileges, a Practitioner must designate another Practitioner with comparable Privileges who has agreed to provide backup coverage for the Practitioner's patients in the event the Practitioner is not available.

  8. Emergency Call: If applying for Active staff category, must agree to fulfill all responsibilities regarding emergency call for the Hospital.  Should be located close enough to fulfill his/her Medical Staff responsibilities (e.g. call schedule/consults) and to provide timely / continuous care for patients in the hospital.

  9. English Language: Be able to read and understand the English language, to communicate effectively and intelligibly in English (written and verbal), and be able to prepare medical record entries and other required documentation in a legible and professional manner.

  10. Convictions: Have never been convicted of Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state governmental or private third-party payer fraud or program abuse, nor have been required to pay civil penalties for the same.

  11. Criminal Background Check: Complete such documentation as is necessary in order that the Hospital can perform a criminal background check.


If you do not meet one or more of the criteria, you may request that it be waived. In requesting the waiver, you would bear the burden of demonstrating that your qualifications are equivalent to, or exceed, the criterion in question. Please contact the CVO at 614-546-3540 as soon as possible for more details so your application is not unduly delayed.