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It is our mission to provide CME for our physicians and to offer assistance to planners of educational activities. Below are frequently asked questions and answers that provide information, direction, and guidance relative to physicians' CME issues.

How many credits must I earn each year to ensure licensure?

You must obtain 50 credits per year: 20 hours in category 1 and 30 hours in category 1 or 2. The American Medical Association (AMA) requires that at least half of the hours earned must be within the physician's specialty field.

What is the difference between category 1 and category 2?

The majority of CME activities claimed for AMA Physician Recognition Award (PRA) category 1 credit are planned, structured activities designated for credit by an accredited provider of CME such as Mount Carmel. These learning activities may be in the form of lectures, seminars, or workshops. Other examples of category 1 are journal-based CME and enduring materials, including printed materials, audio or video tapes, computer-assisted instruction and CD-ROM products.

Category 2 can be earned for self-directed learning, such as teaching residents and medical students or other health professionals, online study, reading medical literature, consultation with peers or attending live activities that are not designated for category 1 hours. Credit claimed should be the actual time spent on an activity.

Can I obtain category 1 credits for teaching?

The AMA will grant two category 1 credits for one hour of teaching at live activities, such as Grand Rounds, tumor board, symposia, etc. Physicians may receive a maximum of 10 category 1 credits per year for teaching.

When should I involve the Department of CME when planning a conference?

The Department of CME should be involved during the initial planning process. The CME staff is available to meet with you and to discuss all requirements for receiving category 1 credit.

How can I receive a list of CME activities that occur at Mount Carmel?

There are two options for receiving a list of CME activities. Our CME Calendar is available online or you can click here to submit a request for a CME Calendar to be mailed to you.

Do I need to register to attend a conference at Mount Carmel? Whom do I contact to request additional symposium brochures?

Registration is required for symposia only. Regularly scheduled conferences do not require pre-registration and are open to all.

Registration forms can be found in symposium brochures. Brochures are mailed to the target audience and are also available on our website under Symposia. To submit a request for additional symposium brochures, click here to e-mail your request. If available, brochures will most likely be mailed the day of your request.

Will I receive American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) credit for attending a conference at Mount Carmel?

The Office of CME applies for AAFP credit when Family Practice physicians are identified as members of the target audience.

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