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Genesis Policy

Department Oversight and Maintenance


It is the policy of the Mount Carmel Health System Medical Staff to promote the use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for patient care.

Responsible Persons

All members of the Medical Staff with clinical privileges.

Special Comments

To be a member of the medical staff with clinical privileges, a member must attend and complete formal EHR training.


Orders should be entered directly into the EHR by a member of the medical staff. When it is possible for the member to enter an electronic order, written orders are not permitted. Verbal and telephone orders are permitted, but their appropriate use is limited to occasions where direct entry into the EHR by a member of the medical staff would be unsafe or extraordinarily cumbersome.

Use of the problem list by the member is required on every patient admission.

Admission, transfer, and discharge medication reconciliation by means of the electronic process within the EHR is required on every inpatient and observation patient stay.

Use of the message center within the EHR for reviewing and signing documents and electronic verbal/telephone orders is required.


Formal EHR training shall consist of up to six hours of classroom supervised instruction with demonstration of competency by the trainee.

Failure to complete formal EHR training will be defined as failing to attend and/or demonstrate competency within the training class, as determined by the instructor.

Formal EHR training is required for any new member of the medical staff before they can be granted clinical privileges.

Penalties And Temporary Suspensions

Once use of the EHR commences, failure to have completed formal EHR training shall result in an administrative suspension of clinical privileges and cancellation of any scheduled procedures. Patients under the care of the suspended member shall be transferred to another member. Completion of EHR training will result in immediate restoration of the clinical privileges.

No reappointment with clinical privileges will be made for any medical staff member who lacks formal EHR training.

After completion of training, failure to adhere to the requirements of this policy will be considered a disruptive physician behavior.