The new Healthy Living Center Center Features:

Consumer Health Information

The Mount Carmel Healthy Living Center provides in-person and online access to consumer health information resources.

Cooking Classes

This program teaches new ways to cook healthier, vegetable-rich meals and features step-by-step cooking demos and take-home recipes.

Times and days vary. Registration is required.

To learn about upcoming events, contact Maria Ramos at 614-234-4356 or

“I am much more aware of new foods and other foods that are available to eat. It has given me more confidence in handling my diabetes. I can have good food and be satisfied. I know how to be healthy for my whole family.”

“It has made me appreciate healthy eating.”

“I want it to go on forever. I really like the hands on learning and going home to fix the same for my family reinforces my learning experience – a great method of teaching more than a recipe on paper!”

BreastFeeding Support Group

Our certified lactation consultants offer new mothers a chance to learn, ask questions, get good advice and share your experiences with other moms in a private, nurturing environment.

Classes offered Fridays at 11a.m. Registration is NOT required.

Call 614-234-MILK (6455) for more information.

Childbirth Education

The Healthy Living Center offers a number of programs to ensure that parents receive the education and support needed as they start or expand their families, including Labor and Birth, Maternity Tours, Breastfeeding Basics, Heading Home with Baby,and a Sibling Class.

Times and days vary. Registration is required.

614-898-MOMS (6667)


This weekly prenatal education program gives moms-to-be the change to learn how to have a healthy baby and pregnancy, talk with healthcare professionals, make new friends and enjoy a healthy meal every week.

Meetings are offered Thursdays from 11a.m. - 1p.m. Registration is NOT required.


Cancer Services - Oncology Nurse Navigators

Mount Carmel Oncology Nurse Navigators are here to help cancer patients better understand your diagnoses and treatment options, link you to needed testing and appointments, and provide referrals for community resources. Call for more information.

614-546-HOPE (4673)

Diabetes Support Group

The diabetes support group is led by a Diabetes Educator and provides those with diabetes the tools they need to improve their blood sugar control. You will have the chance to meet others who are coping with the same challenges.

Times and days vary. Registration is required.


Tai Chi for Balance

This free introductory class gives seniors the opportunity to strengthen muscles and improve balance through the ancient art of Tai Chi.

Times and days vary. Registration is required.

614-234-LIFE (5433)

Community Meetings

We host various community meetings and collaborative groups throughout the week. These include but are not limited to:

  • Franklinton Commissioners
  • Tobacco Free Coalition – Columbus Public Health Dept
  • Franklinton Board of Trade
  • Mid-Ohio Food Bank – Operation Feed
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • Hispanic/Latino Collaborative
  • Cooking Collaborative
  • Mid-Life Women's program

To reserve a room, contact Ami Peacock at 614-234-4360 or

Relaxation, Stress Management and Mindfulness

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? To learn about upcoming events, contact Maria Ramos at 614-234-4356 or

Learn more about the programs at the Mount Carmel Healthy Living Center: