Neurology | Neuroscience | Mount Carmel Health


Mount Carmel's team of board-certified neurologists works closely with our expert neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists to provide specialized, comprehensive care for patients with brain, nerve and spinal disorders.

With two dedicated, state-of-the-art neuroscience units, our physicians and certified neurological nurses have the experience and technology to offer early and accurate diagnosis and intervention, as well as evaluation, testing, and treatment, for epilepsy, sleep disorders, brain diseases and disorders, and spine and back disorders.

Mount Carmel also boasts a highly skilled radiology staff and the latest medical imaging technology to perform precise testing in accordance with national standards.

The Mount Carmel Epilepsy Center, located at Mount Carmel East and West, is a comprehensive center for diagnosing and treating adult patients with epilepsy. We also offer specialized care and contemporary treatments for sleep disorders through Central Ohio Sleep Medicine.