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Support Groups

If you’re a victim of crime or trauma, these programs provide specialized professional assistance through education and therapeutic intervention in both individual and group settings. All sessions are held at Mount Carmel West, and an initial intake meeting is required before you can attend. Call 614-234-5900 for more information or to schedule an intake meeting.

Circle of Hope

This 12-week group focuses on support, processing, coping skills, and therapeutic processing for women 18 and older. You must be working concurrently with an individual therapist in the community to participate in this group.

Circle of Strength

This 14-week therapeutic program is for adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Services include an intake assessment and establishment of treatment schedule, 12 weeks of group participation and weekly individual sessions, and individual exit appointment-long term referrals made and group participation discussed.

Healing Circle

This is a therapeutic group for female survivors of a sexual assault which will meet weekly for 10 weeks. It is a closed group format with two facilitators and no more than eight members focused on education, therapeutic process and support to assist with healing. Topics may include, but are not limited to: guilt and shame, anxiety/fear, intimacy, self-esteem, trust,anger, self care, and coping.

In-School Groups

Trauma occurs when a child experiences an intense event that threatens or causes harm to his or her emotional and physical well-being (NCTSN, 2003). Child’s direct experience or witnessing of an event/s that involve actual or threatened death or serious injury to self or others (Lieberman, 1997).

We at Mount Carmel Crime and Trauma Assistance Program believe that there is a strong need for trauma-focused treatment for our youth in Columbus and the surrounding areas. Currently we have several groups (between 8 -10 students) during school and after hours, free of charge on Thursdays and Fridays. We would like to invest in a time during the summer to provide the same treatment with your help.

These groups will focus on feeling expression, coping strategies, and difficult family dynamics. We are looking for children who have experienced some form of trauma or loss.

If you feel our services will benefit students at your school we would need a room big enough to accommodate 8-10 students? Please feel free to contact Donna Martinez at (614) 234-2713 or

Trauma Group for Parents and Children

Parents will participate in the “Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma” group curriculum developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. While you are in group, your child will attend a trauma-focused group to improve feeling expression, coping strategies, and process traumatic memories.

Survivors' Voices

This group therapy experience for male and female survivors of violent crimes provides education, support, coping skills, and therapeutic processing. This is an 8-week group with two facilitators, utilizing the group process to provide a healing environment. Topics may include, but are not limited to: guilt and shame, anxiety/fear, intimacy, self-esteem, trust, anger, spirituality, and coping. Suggestions for other topics by participants are always welcome.

Trauma Response Group (TRG)

This group will provide you with basic information on the effects of trauma and opportunities to learn practical skills to manage the effects.

This is a closed group format with two facilitators and no more than eight members focused on education and support to assist with trauma healing. Topics may include, but are not limited to: trauma response, trigger awareness and management, mindfulness, boundaries, understanding of self and natural sleep aids. Suggestions for other topics are always welcome.

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