Transfer Center

Transfer Center

Mount Carmel Systemwide Transfer Center

Transferring your patients to Mount Carmel hospitals should be simple. That’s why we’ve developed the Mount Carmel Transfer Center. It’s a system-wide, one-call solution designed not only to simplify the transfer and admission process, but also to ensure continuity of quality care for your patients and expedite access to critical services.

How It Works

Just follow these easy steps to transfer a patient to Mount Carmel:

  1. Call the Mount Carmel Transfer Center, at 614-546-GOMC (4662) or our toll free number at 1-855-695-1436
  2. Your call will be answered by a registered nurse who’s trained and experienced in critical care. The nurse will:
    • Determine the appropriate destination for your patient
    • Identify and contact an accepting physician
    • Offer a conference call between the transferring physician and accepting physician
    • Reserve a bed and provide a number for nursing hand-off of care
    • Provide transportation assistance if needed
  3. Provide the following information to facilitate the transfer:
    • Referring hospital’s name, phone number, and fax number
    • Referring physician’s name and contact numbers
    • Patient’s name, age, diagnosis, and type of specialty care or service requested
    • Clinical status of the patient
  4. Obtain transfer consent by having the patient or an authorized family member sign an EMTALA-compliant transfer form.
  5. Complete a physician's certification statement of medical necessity for the patient's transport (Medicare patients only).
  6. Prepare copies of all pertinent diagnostic studies related to the reason for transfer (e.g., lab work, EKGs) and send them with the patient.
  7. Fax a demographic sheet to 614-546-3788.

It’s a simple process to simplify the transfer process.

For more information or to transfer a patient, contact us at (614) 546-GOMC or 1-855-695-1436.

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