Classes & Events

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
Aging Parents: Stress of the Sandwich Generation
Aromatherapy 1
Aromatherapy 2
Artful Writing
Bariatric Surgery Support Group
Beautiful Bone Broth
Being Happy
Blending Herbal Teas
Breastfeeding Basics
Breastfeeding Support Group
Business Outreach
Carotid Artery Disease
Chair Yogalates
Chi Dancing
Circle of Hope: For Female Survivors of Childhood
CPR Heartsaver AED: Adult/Child and Infant
CPR: Family and Friends - Infant Only
Defensive Thriving
Diabetes Self-Management: Type 2 Basics
Diabetes Self-Management: Injectable Medication
Diabetes Support Group
Eat Better. Live Better.
Every Child Ready to Read®
Feeling Your Feelings With Mindfulness
Flower Potluck
FUNctional Fitness
Garlic in the Garden, Garlic in the Kitchen
Gentle Yoga
Go With the Flow!
Grandparent Class
Grief Process Support Groups
Group Adult Fitness
Happy Feet
Happy Hour Without The Hangover - Laughter Yoga
Harmonious Living
Heading Home With Baby
Healing Circle: Female Survivors of Sexual Assault
Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle Program
Help! I Can't Stop Thinking
Honey Do
Horse Camp
I´m Special Too! Sibling Class and Tour
ID Theft Protection
Labor and Birth e-Class
Laugh Your Way to Health and Wellness
Learn to Be Heard
Little Miracles HypnoBirthing Classes
Little Miracles Labor and Birth Deluxe Classes
Little Miracles Labor and Birth Express
Little Miracles Maternity Tours
Making the Most of the Holidays
Mandala Workshop: Journey to the Still Point
Meditation and Relaxation
Mindful Eating
Mindfulness to Enhance your Well-Being
Mindfulness: Equine-Assisted Workshop
Mommy and Me Yoga
Mount Carmel Cardiac Rehabilitation
Mount Carmel Hospice and Palliative Care Services
Movement Variety Class
Moving into Winter Lightness
Natural Relief for Insomnia
Outpatient Breastfeeding Resources
Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)
Personal Training
Post Rehab Fitness
Postpartum Depression Resources
Prenatal Yoga
Preschool Grief Support
Radiant Health: Our Body´s Own Natural Healing
School Outreach
Self-Healing with Heart-Mind Qigong
Speakers Bureau
Spinal Surgery: What to Expect and How to Prepare
Stepping into Our Power
Strengthen Concentration With Mindful Walking
Stress Busters - Techniques for Managing Stress
Stuff: Getting Rid of Clutter
Survivors On The Move: Open To All Cancer Survivor
Survivors´ Voices
Tai Chi for Arthritis
Tai Chi For Balance
Tai Chi for Diabetes
Tai Chi: Enhance Your Health and Vitality
Trauma Group for Parents and Children
Trauma Response and Stabilization
Turning a Bad Habit into a Good Habit
Walk With a Doc
Whole for the Holidays
Winter Darkness Labyrinth Walk
Winter Scents for the Home
Women¸ Self-Care and Nuturing to Restore Balance
Wrestling with Resting in the Middle of the Night
Writing and Meditation Workshop
Yoga Breathing 1: Nourished By the Breath
Yoga Breathing 2: Deepening the Conscious Breath
Yoga: Deep Easy Yoga
Yoga: Fall Transition
Yoga: Restorative
Yoga: Transitioning into Winter