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Create A Birth Plan

We want the birth of your baby to be a wonderful event. That's why we encourage all our expectant mothers to develop a birth plan. A birth plan is a wish list that outlines what you'd prefer to have happen during your childbirth experience. Developing a plan will help you to carefully think through your choices and prepare you for the big day.

Below is a list of questions to discuss with your doctor or midwife so that you can identify and record your preferences ahead of time. Once you've completed your wish list, make sure you discuss it with your healthcare provider.

Remember that although you may want to be in complete control of your experience, it doesn't always work out that way. Babies have a way of deciding when and how they'll arrive on their own. It isn't always possible to meet your every desire because of other events taking place on the nursing unit or unexpected developments during your labor and delivery. Although, you can be sure we'll make every effort to accommodate all your wishes so you can relax and enjoy this wonderful time.

Support Persons

  • Who (and how many people) can be with me during labor?
  • Who (and how many people) can be with me during birth?
  • Who can be there right after delivery?
  • Can my children be present during labor and/or delivery?
    **If children are present, another adult must be there to supervise them.

Fetal Monitoring

  • What types of fetal monitoring are there?
  • Which do you recommend?
  • Can I get out of bed while being monitored?
  • Will my positioning in bed be limited?


  • Will I need an IV?
  • How soon will it be started?
  • Will this limit my activity?
  • How soon after birth will it be taken out?


  • Will I be able to get out of bed during labor?
  • What activities may I do to ease labor?
  • Will I be able to eat or drink?


  • What medicines are available for pain control?
  • When can medicine be given?
  • What other types of medicine might be given during my labor and delivery?
  • How will these affect my baby and my labor?

Enema and Shave

  • Will I be given an enema or need to be shaved?


  • What types of anesthetic are available?
  • What might be best for me?
  • How early in my labor can it be given?
  • How will this affect my baby and my labor?


  • Is an episiotomy routinely done?


  • Will I be able to change my position during labor?
  • What positions can I use?
  • What about positions for pushing and delivery?
  • Will I be able to view the birth?
  • Will I be able to take pictures or video tape?
  • Who will cut the cord?

Family Time

  • How soon after delivery will I see and hold my baby?
  • How soon can I breastfeed my baby?
  • Will my baby remain with me?

At Home After Delivery

  • How active can I be after I go home?
  • What will I be able to do?
  • What will I need help with?
  • How long will my activities be limited?

Follow-up Care

  • When will you need to see me?