Mount Carmel's Welcome Home Program Featured in Business First

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Mount Carmel's Welcome Home Program Featured in Business First
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Mount Carmel Health System's Welcome Home Newborn Program was featured in Columbus Business First.

March 4,2014 | Janet Adams

All kinds of information is available before a woman has a baby, but nothing can prepare her – or her family – for the day-to-day challenges of bringing home a little bundle of joy. Mount Carmel Health System is helping families with what’s called a Welcome Home program and has made more than 19,000 home visits since its inception in 1998.

The service is available to any woman who has delivered at a Mount Carmel hospital.

Whether it’s breast or bottle feeding, the best ways to care for the new baby or helping a mother struggling with emotions from her pregnancy, Mount Carmel can help. The nurses in the Welcome Home program visit the family in the home at least once after delivery. The baby and mom are assessed and advice is available to make the adjustment phase easier.

The nurse is available to return if needed.

Anisha Liesner had a wonderful experience with her delivery of Shanti at St. Ann’s in Westerville. Her family is grateful for Nurse Dawn Elliott’s advice from the first visit. Shanti scored high on the visit with a pound gained, good vital signs and above average eye contact.

Inside Mount Carmel’s Welcome Home Program For Newborns - SLIDESHOW

  • Mount Carmel Health System’s Welcome Home Newborn Program was featured in Columbus Business First

    Elliot, a registered nurse at Mount Carmel, arrives at the Liesner home for a visit with 1-month-old Shanti Liesner.

  • ”Mount

    Anisha Liesner with her newbord, and Elliot talk about how the adjustment phase is going.

  • ”Mount

    Elliot checks Shanti’s heartbeat.

  • ”Mount

    Shanti is a healthy newborn

  • ”Mount

    Shanti is weighed and has gained a pound since Elliott’s last visit.

  • ”Mount

    Shanti’s length is measure and she is growing right on schedule.

  • ”Mount

    Anisha Liesner’s health is checked, too, during the visits.

  • ”Mount

    Anisha, Mike and Shanti Liesner – The family can contact Elliot any time with questions about the baby’s care.

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