Mount Carmel Partnering with Skilled Nursing Facilities Working to Improve Coordination of Care

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Mount Carmel Partnering with Skilled Nursing Facilities Working to Improve Coordination of Care
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Columbus - Mount Carmel Health System is partnering with skilled nursing facilities in the Columbus area to improve the coordination of care patients receive after an inpatient stay.

This innovative effort between select skilled nursing facilities and Mount Carmel is aimed at improving care and reducing costs by avoiding readmissions. Mount Carmel has developed a care path, which is a series of guidelines, recommendations and resources for caring for patients that have been discharged after a heart failure admission. The care path will increase communication between providers to make sure the patient is receiving optimal care.

“Care paths are a foundational tool for clinical integration,” Beth Traini, Senior Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer of Mount Carmel. “We have developed a mutually beneficial system that will help improve the outcomes of heart failure patients.”

Facilities participating in the program receive additional education in areas such as diet management, readmission risk factors and heart failure therapy standards. There is also an increased focus in making sure patients are seen by a physician less than a week after they are discharged.

The partnership is the first of its kind in central Ohio and is initially focused on heart failure patients. The goal is to extend the effort to other conditions where care can be better coordinated by the health system, physicians and the skilled nursing facilities.

“Heart failure patients need close attention after they are discharged from the hospital,” said Tom Archer, MD Medical Director of Heart Failure Services at Mount Carmel. “Care paths will help to insure the patients are receiving the proper care during their recovery.”

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