Programs Funded

The Mount Carmel Foundation works closely with donors to align their areas of passion with specific Mount Carmel programs and services. While we have many areas that need and deserve your support – and we greatly appreciate every contribution we receive – these are our key priorities:

Current Strategic Mount Carmel Health System Fundraising Priorities

Mount Carmel Community Health and Well-Being is an ever-present reminder of Mount Carmel’s unwavering commitment to living its most important founding value: supporting the poor and underserved. The Foundation provides funding for a wide range of community health and well-being programming, including:

  • The Crime and Trauma Assistance Program, which provides no-cost counseling services to those coping with the effects of trauma.
  • Social Care addresses the physical, spiritual and behavioral health needs of people who lack transportation, housing, food security, safety and education or who face language or socio-economic barriers. The Social Care team serves patients from Mount Carmel Emergency Departments, inpatient units and the community to identify and address these barriers with innovative processes that align with Mount Carmel's mission. Through programming, referrals and service coordination, our team strives to build individual and community self-sufficiency and well-being.
  • Street Medicine, which expands Mount Carmel’s healing presence into underserved communities by providing no-cost medical and mental care to disadvantages and unhoused individuals in our community.
  • The Von Zychlin Healthy Living Center, which serves as a hub in the Franklinton community for no-cost educational opportunities and healthy lifestyle programs.
  • Healthy Moms & Babies, which provides comprehensive programming for moms and families, from Moms2B, which supports underserved expecting mothers with education and resources, to Welcome Home, which provides in-home wellness visits to ensure the safety and well-being of newborns and moms.

Hospice care is a compassionate way of helping people with terminal illnesses live as fully and comfortably as possible in their last days. The Foundation helps support services and amenities that allow patients to be cared for at home, when possible, and at care sites when necessary. Grief and bereavement services include support groups, counseling, educational seminars and other resources to help individuals work through loss and heal. Mount Carmel’s hospice care, grief and bereavement services helped more than 14,000 individuals dealing with life-limiting illness and loss in 2023.

Mount Carmel Dublin – currently under construction in one of the fastest growing corridors in Central Ohio – will not be another “traditional” hospital. Rather, Mount Carmel is re-imagining post-COVID health care delivery to keep people safer and return them to their homes as quickly as possible. Patients and families will have a whole new way of experiencing the care they need…that puts their schedule, their concerns and their lifestyle at the center of their Mount Carmel healthcare experience. The new 35-acre campus is scheduled to open in mid-2025. Our capital campaign is now underway to help fund this new and exciting campus.

Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Cross more than 120 years ago, the Mount Carmel College of Nursing has long served a critical role in the central Ohio community – inspiring emerging nursing leaders and bringing compassionate healing into the lives of those they serve. As the College continues to look to the future with hope and purpose, the Mount Carmel Foundation helps support and expand the Sisters’ legacy. More than 90% of MCCN students receive financial assistance to help them realize their dream of becoming professional nurses. At its most recent annual Scholarship and Donor Recognition event, 225 scholarships were provided to current MCCN student. The total awarded was $542,737, with $483,737 coming directly through the Mount Carmel Foundation.

Investing in System-Wide Centers of Excellence

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Plans for the future are thrown into question, each and every decision becomes acutely important, and a sense of uncertainty becomes a certainty. The Mount Carmel Foundation proudly supports Mount Carmel Cancer Services, which provides comprehensive cancer care to our patients and support for their families and loved ones from diagnosis to treatment and remission and survivorship. The Foundation provides funding every step of the way, with insightful education opportunities that inform patient care, advanced equipment that improves medical outcomes, and Cancer Survivor groups that build a sense of community for those who have battled and beaten cancer.

As a training hospital, inspiring and molding future generations of physicians with values of compassion and integrity is a sacred responsibility that Mount Carmel Graduate Medical Education takes to heart. The Foundation supports our graduate residents and faculty in providing transformational educational opportunities that not only provide residents with crucial, real-world clinical know-how, but also opportunities to develop a sense of purpose and a service mindset. These opportunities include medical mission trips around the world and serving those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to medical services. The GME program also focuses on the important elements of diet, nutrition and healthy eating by growing healthy produce in our community garden at Mount Carmel Grove City, hosting informative cooking classes, and learning how to effectively communicate with patients about diet, lifestyle and their impact on well-being.

Cardiovascular disease and conditions are strikingly common. In fact, an American suffers a heart attack every 40 seconds. More than 5.3 million Americans have atrial fibrillation. Heart disease accounts for 1 in 5 deaths among women in the United States. These alarming statistics underline the critical role Mount Carmel Heart & Vascular Centers play in central Ohio by providing innovative cardiac treatments. The Mount Carmel Foundation provides funding for our Cardiac physicians and caregivers to continue providing cutting-edge, transformative care to our community, including comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of women at the Women’s Heart Program at Mount Carmel East and Mount Carmel Grove City.

Mobility is a gift – one that’s often taken for granted until the ease of movement is made challenging by an injury or health condition that makes previously effortless routines seem daunting and even insurmountable. Overcoming and healing from those injuries is often painstaking and slow, highlighting the paramount importance of dedicated orthopedic clinicians and therapists like ours at Mount Carmel. The Foundation proudly invests in our orthopedic services teams by providing focused educational opportunities and cutting-edge equipment, ensuring that each of our patients’ healing journeys back to normalcy is carefully supported each and every step of the way.

The dedicated colleagues of Mount Carmel – from our front-line caregivers to our administrative staff and Environmental Services teams – are the well-spring of our Mission. They make our work in service of the central Ohio community possible. In times of acute financial need, the Mount Carmel Foundation’s Sister Rose Thomas fund provides an emergency "safety net" for those colleagues who need help overcoming short-term financial emergencies.

The Mount Carmel Foundation recognizes that each of our patients’ healing journeys is as unique as the patient themselves. A hospital visit is more than simply caring for our patients’ physical well-being, but also an opportunity to provide uplifting and culturally sensitive spiritual care that respects each person’s background and beliefs. The Foundation invests in the education and support of our Spiritual Care Services team so they can serve each patient with respect and dignity and reflect Mount Carmel’s commitment to our patients’ total well-being.

Mount Carmel provides a broad network of trauma care throughout central Ohio. Our Level II Trauma Center at Mount Carmel East allows us to quickly respond to the community’s immediate trauma needs, and the Mount Carmel Foundation supports Trauma Services by investing in advanced ongoing clinical education and technology that ensure best practices, innovative care, and improved clinical outcomes.

Women’s healthcare needs are diverse and need specialized care that’s developed and uniquely attuned to their personal health journey. Mount Carmel provides a wide array of focused, specialized care that meets our female patients where they are, understanding their unique health conditions and providing informed, evidence-based care that respects their dignity. The Mount Carmel Foundation supports our Women’s Health initiatives with strategic investments that support women and girls at every stage of life – the from childhood to adulthood, motherhood to grandmotherhood. That includes our Women’s Mid-Life program, a comprehensive Doula program, and our Women’s Heart Champion initiative.

Investing in Specific Hospitals

Mount Carmel provides services at our four major acute care sites: Mount Carmel Dublin, Mount Carmel East, Mount Carmel Grove City, Mount Carmel New Albany, and Mount Carmel St. Ann’s. We recognize that each specific community our care sites serve is unique, with distinct, local needs. That’s why the Foundation has funds established for our hospitals. It allows donors to support facility-specific programs that enable each hospital’s leadership team to make investments in their organizations that enhance patient and colleague support.