Media Relations

Mount Carmel is a valuable resource for healthcare news and information. For members of the news media who are looking for Mount Carmel news, considering health-related events to cover, reporting breaking news or looking to put a local face on a national story, our media relations staff is available to assist with story ideas, background information and interview subjects.

Media Requests

We ask that all news media professionals submit all media requests for Mount Carmel online.

Media Request Form

If you need to reach Mount Carmel’s media relations team immediately, please call the media relations line at 614-546-3426. This number is available during normal business hours.

For all calls after 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends, use the numbers below to contact the operator at the appropriate facility, and ask to be put in contact with our Media Relations team.

  • Mount Carmel East - 614-234-6000
  • Mount Carmel St. Ann's - 380-898-4000
  • Mount Carmel New Albany - 614-775-6600
  • Mount Carmel Grove City - 614-663-5000

All media representatives must be escorted by a representative of the Mount Carmel Media Relations or a department designee, a security officer or the nursing administrator while on the property of any Mount Carmel Facility. Members of the media must schedule all on-site and phone interviews through the media relations department. All patients must sign a consent form prior to being videotaped, photographed or interviewed.

In accordance with HIPAA regulations, no information about patients may be released unless consent is given. If consent is given, only one of the following one-word conditions may be released:

  • Good – Patient is in no imminent danger and is making progress toward normal health
  • Fair – Patient is in satisfactory condition and is only moderately ill
  • Poor – Patient is seriously ill and could be in potentially critical condition
  • Critical – Patient's condition is life-threatening

If you have advertising-related questions, please fill out our Advertising Contact Form.