Billing & Insurance

We offer a variety of ways to pay your hospital and doctor’s office bills, including online bill pay. Just choose the option that’s right for you and we’ll settle your bill quickly and securely.

Payment, Registration and Benefits Verification

Services Prior To October 9, 2021

If you received a statement with a date of service prior to October 9, 2021, please use the information below to make a payment.

Mount Carmel Health System 
To pay your bill by phone, please call 855-735-1614.

One-Time Payment

Mount Carmel Medical Group 
To pay your bill by phone, please call 614-546-4400.

Pay Your myDoctor’s Office Bill Online

Services On Or After October 9, 2021

If you received a statement with a date of service on or after October 9, 2021, please use the information below to make a payment.

All patient bills can be paid through your new patient portal, MyChart. You can learn more about MyChart by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Pay Your MyChart Bill Online

If the account number on your bill begins with the letter "A" you can make a one-time payment. With our one-time payment option, you can make a payment right now by transferring funds from your checking account or using a credit card.

One-Time Payment


Have a Question About Your Bill?

Mount Carmel is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. The information here will help you understand your hospital bill, health insurance requirements and financial assistance options. Representatives are available to assist you Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. by calling: 614-234-8888 or 800-346-1009 (toll-free)

Patients With Health Insurance

Mount Carmel accepts Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, commercial and work-related insurance plans.


You are expected to pay co-payments required by your health insurance plan at the time of service.

Mount Carmel will bill your primary insurance company for you. If you have secondary insurance coverage, Mount Carmel will bill that company after your primary insurance benefits are processed.

As a patient, you assume responsibility for paying any charges that your insurance company denies or does not pay.

If you have questions about your co-payment requirement or about other benefits, call your insurance company directly.


Medicare will only pay for services that it considers to be medically necessary. Prior to receiving services, you may be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice if we believe that Medicare may not consider the service you're considering to be medically necessary.

You are expected to pay for all services that Medicare does not consider to be medically necessary and any other services Medicare excludes for any other reason.

Check your Medicare handbook for a list of services excluded by Medicare, or visit the Medicare website at

Work-Related Injuries

State law requires employers to provide employees with insurance coverage for work-related injuries.

You will need to obtain a claim number from your employer. Mount Carmel must include this number on the bill that is sent to the insurance company.

If you do not have a claim number from your employer, you are responsible for the entire cost of the services you receive.

Patients Without Health Insurance

Patients desiring to schedule elective medical or maternity services are kindly requested to submit a deposit and coordinate payment arrangements for the remaining charges before the services are rendered. A patient financial representative will reach out to facilitate payment for your bill. In the event that a balance persists after services have been rendered, a bill for the outstanding amount will be sent to you by mail.

Other Bills For Your Treatment

Your bill from Mount Carmel is only for hospital services. Depending upon the services you received, you may be billed by your personal physician, other physicians who were involved in your care, and/or physicians who administered/interpreted your test results, and/or provided emergency care, radiology, pathology and/or anesthesiology services.

If you have questions about any bill you receive other than a bill from Mount Carmel, call the office that sent the bill directly.

Payment Options

You may pay for these services online via credit card or by calling Patient Financial Services and paying by personal check, credit card or cash.


Financial counselors are available for consultation while you are a patient at Mount Carmel East, Grove City, St. Ann's or New Albany Surgical Hospital to help you resolve your hospital bill.


After discharge, or if you received outpatient or emergency services, counselors are available by phone from our Patient Financial Services Department.


Download our Patient Financial Services Policy.

Mount Carmel is not only committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients, but also to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Because we receive federal health care program funds, Mount Carmel is obligated to comply with the terms and requirements of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA). In accordance with the DRA, we include in our policies and provide all associates, agents and contractors detailed information regarding the False Claims Act as well as any applicable state civil and criminal laws intended to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in federal health care programs. Furthermore, Mount Carmel’s Code of Conduct prohibits submitting a false claim for payment from any health care program or insurance plan.

More information about the Mount Carmel Code of Conduct, Mount Carmel False Claims Act Policy and the Integrity and Compliance Hotline are available on this site.

No Surprises Act – Balance Billing Protections

The No Surprises Act protects patients from large and unexpected surprise bills for out-of-network emergencies and certain non-emergency services provided in in-network health care facilities. Learn More.