Balance Function Testing

The Falls and Balance Program at Mount Carmel will run a battery of tests to ensure we get to the bottom of your falling or balance issues. Some of the tests we provide include:

Videonystagmography (VNG)

A series of subtests that examine the integrity of the vestibular and central nervous systems by determining the presence of central nervous system dysfunction, positional vertigo, and vestibular hypofunction.

Rotary Chair Test

A computerized test that uses a gently rotating swivel chair to assess vestibular balance function and determine the presence of bilateral vestibular weakness.

Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT)

A vestibulo-ocular reflex test that uses quick head movements, goggles and infra-red cameras to measure vestibular symmetry.

Computerized Dynamic Posturogrpahy

A functional evaluation of the ability to maintain balance in a variety of controlled conditions.

Ours is one of the only programs in central Ohio with the capability to perform Rotary Chair/VNG testing with Dynamic Posturography, allowing us to provide you with the most precise and comprehensive assessment of your balance and fall risk.