The Mount Carmel Geriatrics Fellowship offers a comprehensive program that addresses both primary and co-management clinical skills. Each clinical experience targets specific ACGME Milestones and prepares the fellow for a wide range of career options after successfully achieving board-certification. Rotations are unique and feature both immersive and exposure experiences, allowing the fellow to assume the leadership role with other trainees and disciplines while trying new procedures with the sub-specialty team. Fellows’ responsibilities align with their PG4 status and progress to expert level at graduation. They will follow their own panel of patients for all longitudinal experiences.

Major Rotations

Inpatient Geriatrics Consults – 12 weeks

Inpatient Palliative Care Consults - 4 weeks

Outpatient Community Palliative Care Clinic – 4 weeks

Geriatric Neurology – 4 weeks

Geriatric Emergency Medicine – 8 weeks

Urogynecology & Pelvic Floor – 4 weeks

Inpatient Psychiatry – 4 weeks

Outpatient Wound Care – 4 weeks

Outpatient Pain Management – 4 weeks

Inpatient Rehabilitation – 4 weeks

Longitudinal Experiences

Long Term Care – 1 day/month

Assisted Living – 1 day/month

Skilled Nursing Facility – 2 days/month

Hospice – 2 days/month

Geriatrics Continuity Clinic – 1/2 day/week

Minor Rotations

Pelvic Rehabilitation

Falls and Balance Program

Home Health


Vacation – 3 weeks

Conferences – 1 week