Clinical Competency Committee

The goal of the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) is to assess and evaluate the residents in the program performance in each of the six ACGME core competencies. The committee’s purpose is to serve as an advisory board to the Program Director with regards to all resident issues including, but not limited to: feedback, evaluation, curriculum organization, promotion, remediation, certification, disciplinary action, chief resident selection, special awards and commendations.

Responsible Persons:

Program Director


The Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) must:

  1. Review all resident evaluations at least semi annually
  2. Must consist of at least 4 members
    • Must include 3 core faculty, program administrator, and others as appropriate
  3. Provide program director with advice regarding the progression of the resident
  4. Prepare and report milestone evaluation
  5. Considers all written rationale and other evaluations, and discusses and non-congruence between written evaluations and their experiences with each resident
  6. The committee must maintain written minutes and the minutes must contain names of all residents being reviewd and all CCC members in attendance.