Mount Carmel patient J.D. had multiple medical issues affecting his memory and mobility, and was advised that he had a long road to recovery. He was referred to the Social Care & Outreach program for help during this particularly difficult time in his life.

David Thomas, the peer counselor who met with J.D., recognized that he had a defeated spirit. His finances were depleted, he had lost his job, and his housing was in jeopardy. J.D. shared that he felt extremely depressed, isolated, and without family or friends whom he could depend upon for support. Recognizing that J.D.’s self-described casual alcohol and substance use may be contributing to his feelings of depression, the peer counselor began talking to J.D. about a new way of living.

Creating and listing goals was one of the first steps J.D. took to help him begin to create a life greater than he could imagine. Following that with a series of steps to connect with community resources, apply for Social Security Disability Insurance and stabilize his housing situation, J.D. has made great strides to improve his mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

J.D. tells us that “his life has meaning and purpose again” and he credits his new way of living to the support he received from the Mount Carmel Social Care & Outreach program.