Known fondly as “Dr. O,” Dr. John “Jack” O’Handley was the embodiment of Mount Carmel’s mission and the face of our Outreach program for more than 25 years. He passed away, peacefully surrounded by his family, on Monday, July 10, 2023, after an extended illness.

Outreach, now called Community Health and Well-Being, extends our reach into the community and helps provide free health services to those in need. Among the services the program provides are physical exams, diagnoses and treatments, health assessments and screenings, health education, referrals and social service assistance.

“He had a servant’s heart for the underserved,” said Brian Pierson, vice president of Mount Carmel Community Health and Well-Being. “Anyone who knew him saw firsthand his unconditional acceptance, kindness and care for people that usually have little food, little self-esteem, no formal housing and no regular medical care. He cared for them all like family.”

Dr. O’Handley inspired all around him by his gentle kindness, love for life, and optimism. He was a successful physician, teacher, and most importantly to him a loving husband, father, and grandpa. Countless medical students, residents and nurses had the privilege of learning from him. He was recognized for the impact he had on medical students when the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians named him Family Medicine Education of the Year.

“Dr. O’s mantra was, ‘When there is life, there is hope. His legacy will live on in our Street Medicine team and all of our colleagues who lead with compassion, acceptance and love,” said Pierson.