Cardiac Rehabilitation

Mount Carmel offers a cardiac rehabilitation program to increase strength and endurance and decrease risk factors for patients recovering from heart attacks and other cardiac conditions.

Inpatient Education

We offer an inpatient program that provides patients who have been hospitalized due to heart disease with a wide range of educational materials and information. During their inpatient stay, patients learn about heart disease and risk factors that may have contributed to their heart condition, as well as techniques to help modify their behaviors and improve their overall health.

Outpatient Program

After patients leave the hospital, we make an outpatient program available. Our outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program focuses on education and exercise to help eliminate risk factors. Our exercise physiologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals design a rehabilitation regimen to meet each patient's unique needs, and provide the personalized attention and support necessary to get them back into a normal daily routine. The program combines medically supervised exercise and in-depth educational sessions. Utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring and exercise equipment, the exercise program introduces patients to safe exercises, including weight training. The educational sessions teach about diet, exercise and stress management.

Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle Program (HELP)

Mount Carmel offers an independent, medically supervised exercise program for patients who have completed the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program. It's called the Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle Program (HELP) and it's ideal for anyone who prefers the reassurance of medical supervision and the added benefit of lifestyle support. Through exercise, programs like health education, and ongoing evaluation, HELP not only helps manage medical conditions, but also puts patients on the road to lifelong health and fitness. Learn more about Mount Carmel's Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle Program.