Community Outreach

At Mount Carmel, accomplishing our mission means providing healthcare not only to the patients at our central Ohio hospitals and health centers, but also to the host of underserved members of our community who have limited or no access to basic health services and little or no ability to pay for them. 

Mount Carmel Community Health & Well Being are departments that extends our reach into the community and helps to provide free health services to those in need. Among the services the program provides are physical exams, diagnoses and treatments, health assessments and screenings, health education, referrals, and social service assistance, including: 

  • Free nursing visits to moms and new babies through ourWelcome Home program 

  • Free HALO Sleep Sacks to moms who deliver at a Mount Carmel hospital through our Welcome Home program. 

  • Free urgent healthcare at sites throughout central Ohio through our Mobile Medical Coach. 

  • Street medicine team providing healthcare to homeless persons living on the land through street rounds. 

  • Care for those with life-limiting illnesses. 

  • The Crime and Trauma Assistance Program provides trauma-focused therapy to victims of crime and those who’ve experienced a traumatic event. 

  • Free community health education, teaching those at risk of chronic disease how to prevent, manage and improve those risks of using lifestyle medicine principles. 

  • Individual wellness coaching for community members looking to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes. 

  • Comprehensive culinary medicine program for both community members and healthcare providers (graduate medical education and nursing students) 

  • Assistance provided to those that are in need of transportation, housing, food insecurity, or who face language or socio-economic barriers. 



These programs bring comfort and hope to more than 40,000 central Ohioans each year and is as considerable a benefit to the community as it is to the patients and families it serves.  In addition, Mount Carmel has meaningful and collaborative relationships with local public and private agencies to ensure all community needs are being met.  

Last year alone the benefit Mount Carmel provided to central Ohioans through free health services, outreach programs and other initiatives exceeded $55 million. That's nearly double the tax-exempt benefit we receive as a not-for-profit organization, and, we believe, a valuable investment in the health of our community. 

To learn more about Mount Carmel Outreach programs, read our community benefit report.