Thank You to our Healthcare Heroes

thank you messagesCOVID-19 has made this a challenging time for everyone. But no one has faced the realities of the pandemic more continuously and more completely than our frontline healthcare workers. They face the same fears and restrictions we all do at home, but they’re committed to dealing with the virus face to face every day at work as well.

It’s a monumental task, and it takes a toll. As a community, you have made signs and sent cards and flowers and meals. We’ve relished and appreciated every single one. But as the virus surges, our colleagues need that encouragement now more than ever. And we’re making it easy to send it.

Using the form below, you can send a message of thanks and encouragement to our frontline colleagues so they know how much they’re still thought of and appreciated. And we’ll make sure they see each and every one!

So please take a moment and send a message to our colleagues and physicians. You’ll never know just how much it means!

This form has been deactivated and is closed to any further submissions.


"We at home want to thank you for your dedication to all the COVID patients and to send prayers for all who sacrifice their time, energy, family, to serve the overburdened."

Sherrill L.


"We pray for your protection and safety as you try to save and help the patients of this terrible disease, and know you are all doing everything you can at your own risk to help and save lives."

Sherrill L.

Thank You

"I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and staff members for taking such excellent care of me."


God Bless

"I'm sending my thanks, thoughts and prayers your way for all you have done and sacrificed these last months. I pray for each one of you everyday that God will give you the strength to continue in this fight. God bless each one of you."

—Cathy M.


"You are our HERO! Thank you for the countless hours and sacrifices you are making each and every day for the safety and health of our community. I hope and pray for protection over you, your collegues, your patients, and your families at home. Keep the faith and may you find supernatural strength and energy to endure this crisis."

—Tiffany W.


"Thanks so much for putting us ahead of yourself. We appreciate your care of patients who are alone and lonely. We appreciate you holding their hands and being the only friendly person they see. And these are not just the patients with covid but honestly many people without covid are lonely and sad. Thank you for showing them love and letting them know they are cared for. You are appreciated!!"

—Margeurite W.

Hard Work

"I can't send you enough thanks for all you do each and every day to help people get through COVID and other health conditions while having to put yourself and your families in harms way. I see you. I care for you. Your hard work and dependability is greatly appreciated. I am thankful for you."

—Mandy M.

Testing Stations

"I want to acknowledge those nurses who on very windy and cold days welcomed people for their COVID testing with smiles and encouraging words. The tents were blowing and their PPE gear was stiff, but they managed to put us at ease."

—Mandy M.


"I so appreciate all of you and my prayers and vigilant support are always there on your shoulder. God bless all of you for your fight during this unprecedented time. To risk one's own health to assist the recovery of others is by far the most heroic act any of us can achieve. You all are Heroes."

—Michael Z.

Thank You

"Thank you for kindness, caring, safety, and protecting everyone in our community."

—Deven P.

God Bless

"I would like to send an enormous thank you for all of the very hard work and sacrifices that you make each and every day. The care that you are giving to so many people that requires all of the knowledge, skills and humanity that you possess. In times of weakness and sorrow , look to the hills which cometh your strength. May God bless you, show his love and keep you and your families safe always!"

—Diane D.

Your Calling

"We all search for our calling, our reason for being, or at least an understanding of why we are asked to give so much. Clearly, YOU are called, at this time, in this place, to sacrifice your all, for the good of the other - the very definition of Love. Each morning when you wake, please know of my prayers that you have the strength, courage, and heart to face another day."

David F.

Tough Road

"I know that it has been a tough road for all of you, but I am hoping & praying that this will end soon. With the vaccine coming maybe you all will be able to get back to your families and liv a normal life. Thank you so much for putting your lives on the line."

—Lydia L.

Thank You

"Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Please be encouraged. You are not working in vain. Your gifts are healing, consoling, and inspiring so many. Thank you for all that you are doing and sacrificing to keep us safe."

—Renea W.


"I hope you know how much how many people appreciate what you do day after day to take care of those who need your help and care. I know you are tired; I know you must go home exhausted, yet you keep going. I am in awe of your strength and determination. God bless you all - medical staff, housekeepers, administrative staff, security staff - every one of you - and keep you safe."

—Lynne B.


"You all must be exhausted, yet you keep going. I salute every one of you - you are all important pieces of the great machine that is the health system. I pray you to find the rest you need and the quietness of mind you need to continue. I'm 73 and in pretty good shape - I wish I was young and strong and agile enough to jump and yell and shake pompoms to encourage you - but if I did, I'd probably hurt myself and end up in the ER and add to your workload. So this old lady will praise and encourage you all from my kitchen table. God bless you, every one."

—Lynne B.


"Hey! I am taking a moment to appreciate y'all because I know that sometimes it can be hard, but everything is better with someone supporting you! This year has been crazy, so many ups and downs, and because of covid, we aren't able to do much this year. But you guys have been really strong throughout this and together we'll all get past this. We are so thankful for y'all, I hope for nothing but the best for you all! May God bless you!!"

—Jessica R.


"Thank you for all that you do in providing the best care and support to those that need it most. Holding their hand, providing the care they need, and supporting the families too. We are so proud of our nurses and healthcare workers! Thank you!"

—Kathleen W.


"I want to take a moment to thank all the people working in the hospitals during this pandemic. I have a great appreciation for nurses because my oldest daughter is a nurse. I am sending words of encouragement and appreciation for all the hard work that you do! Our hats are off to you!"

—Colleen M.

Thank You

"Thank you for your service in keeping people you don't know safe."

—Jason A.

Frontline Workers

"To all the frontline workers, thank you so much for all that you are doing in this time of need. You are truly an inspiration to me, and I am sure many other student nurses who are training to be just like you. You put your health on the line for the sake of your community, and you are appreciated more than you know! Stay safe!"

Brooke M.


"Thank you for all you do! You all are rockstars!"

Leah J.

Keep it up

"Thanks and good wishes to all of you who are serving Mount Carmel and its patients during this stressful and trying time. I know that many of you who are nurses are Mount Carmel grads and I had you in class. I am especially proud when Mount Carmel grads do good things. Keep on doing what you can and remember that self-care is important too."

Pat M.

Thank You

"THANK YOU for your incredible work during this pandemic. We could not do it without you. Special thanks for allowing students to continue their learning experiences so we can join you on the frontlines soon!"

—Abby G.


"Think how many people you cared for that have, because of you, your caring and persistence, recovered and returned to their families. I doubt they will ever forget you."

—Lynne B.

Bless You

"May god bless your souls for risking yourselves, and hopefully a vaccine will come to you amazing people first for helping others in desperate help. Thank you."

—Edward H.

God Bless

"Well, there you all are, working on Sunday. God bless you and keep you all safe! We see what you ALL to keep health care available when we need it, and we thank and appreciate you."

—Lynne B.

Selfless Service

"To all the frontline workers, Thank you for your selfless service. For putting your self on the frontline in taking care of the people in the community. Prayers and Blessing to you and your loved ones always. Amen."

—Folorunso L.


"You have worked tirelessly for so many months fighting this heartbreaking pandemic. Your unwavering dedication to patients deserves praise, recognition, and an infinite amount of encouragement!Thank you so very much for everything you have done and everything you will continue to do for your patients and their loved ones. May you all stay safe and healthy!"

—Missy M.

Rock Stars

"Well, I'm sure your Monday morning started much earlier than mine. There you all are, facing an intense, probably pretty much non- stop day taking care of sick, worried people, keeping accurate records and putting out fires in every area needed to keep the good work going. You are rock stars of the finest kind. You have my prayers for strength and stamina today, and for a safe return to your families when your shifts are over."

—Lynne B.

Thank You

"Thank you so very much for everything you are doing to care for our community. You are putting yourselves in danger every day. You are taking care of our loved ones and being there when we are unable. I sincerely appreciate all that you do. Thank you!!!!"

—Vicki N.