One of our program’s strengths is our series of conferences. Time for these didactics is protected time, free from clinical duties, to ensure you get a good balance between clinical experience and more structured lectures.

Intern School

Interns are never left behind! Our innovative nationally recognized curriculum ensures that every intern is prepared for their first day on the floors. In addition, we build in special days for team-building and wellness.

Intern School

Noon Conferences

  • Comprehensive lectures by subspecialty and academic faculty
  • Grand rounds
  • Board Review
  • Journal club
  • Yale Podcast didactic series
  • Support team lectures
  • Culinary Medicine
  • Research
  • Friday Noon Reports

Procedural and Clinical Skills Education

We offer a number of skill-building opportunities as well, including workshops on topics like ultrasound techniques, EKG reading, suturing techniques, arthrocentesis and intra-articular injections, excisional/punch biopsies, Simulation Live patient clinical interactions, and more.

Procedural Skills Education

CRESS (Combined Residency Educational Seminar Series)

This CRESS series brings together all Mount Carmel residents to learn about topics common to all the programs. Past topics have included personal finance, malpractice, negotiating physician contracts, burnout reduction, wellness and other subjects that can help ensure the success of your medical practice.