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Welcome Home Program

It’s an exciting time for you and your family and we’re sure you are eager to get settled in at home.  Of course, with all that does into caring for a newborn, sometimes that is easier said than done.  That’s why Mount Carmel offers you and your baby a special Welcome Home visit or telehealth appointment by one of our specially trained Registered Nurses.  We’re able to access language line and offer telehealth appointment for our non-English speaking families.  

This free visit can be a big help to you as you settle in with your baby.  During your home visit or telehealth appointment your nurse will:

  • Check your baby’s weight, umbilical cord, and your blood pressure.
  • Discuss sleeping and eating habits.
  • Provide safety information on sleeping environment and car seats.
  • Answer questions or concerns you have about breastfeeding or pumping.  All of our nurses are Certified Lactation Counselors.
  • Discuss your healing and recovery and complete a postpartum depression screening.
  • Take time to answer any questions you might have and make appropriate resources available to you.  

It’s a great first step to a happy homecoming for you and your baby!  To learn more about the Mount Carmel Welcome Home program or to schedule your free Welcome Home visit, call 614-234-4712 or email us at welcomehome@mchs.com. You can also request a Welcome Home Visit by clicking the button below and submitting a referral form.

Welcome Home Visit

This program is funded thanks to generous donations to the Mount Carmel Foundation.

Patient Testimonials

“Every part of the visit was great. You don’t realize until you get home and you have a zillion questions how much help and information that you need. She helped so much with breastfeeding. It was so nice to have someone I could completely trust to ask any question of, whether it was healing or breastfeeding. It is a boost of confidence when you hear from a newborn nurse that you are on the right track and you are not lost. Questions are bound to come up and when someone with so much experience and is a mom herself tells you are doing the right thing, it is so comforting.”

— Ellen D., Westerville

“Becoming a mom is like trial and error, many things seem to come naturally to me, but the nurse taught me so much and gave me tips about how to better understand how baby was feeling. The nurse was awesome! Because of the Welcome Home visit I feel confident that I have the most current information about baby care and new practices.”

— Keairra S., Columbus

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